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US Soccer’s Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

The Sin: Envy has always been associated with the color green, probably in a large part thanks to the Bard’s classic Othello. In that play, the jealousy that accompanies envy is referred to as “the green-eyed monster”. Proverbs 23:17 also warns against it, stating that one should “Let not thine heart envy sinners, but be thou in the fear of the Lord.” Envy can make us resent a person simply because they have had some good fortune. It’s why we hate Tom Brady. 

The Sinners: When it comes to the US soccer team, several players exhibit envious tendencies. The vets hoping to revive their chances of receiving 2010 World Cup roster spots (Hejduk, Mastroeni, Conrad, Cherundolo) are envious of the stamina of the young stars, like Torres and Spector. Meanwhile, the guys competing for starting spots (Holden, Clark, Feilhaber) are jealous of those who have them, like Bradley and Dempsey. Jealousy could tear us apart. 

The Saints: We may be able to avoid the green-eyed monster, due to the fact we luckily have some guys on the squad who put what is best for the squad above what is best for them. I am talking about guys like Bocanegra, who already stated he will move out of the middle if the team will be better off. Guys like Charlie Davies too, who never stopped hustling for the Yanks prior to his injury. Finally, we will need LD to be kind. He must give (assist) more than he receives (scores).

The Sermon: In Dante’s version of Purgatory in The Divine Comedy, those who exhibited excessive envy during life must have their eyes sewn shut because they gained pleasure from seeing others fail. Well, at least then they will never have to watch Envy, that terrible Stiller/Black film. In all seriousness, the US will need to play as a team to win in 2010, and no player can put his own interests above the team’s. So, what I am saying is, no more Eric Wynaldas, please.

After all, Wynalda was (and still is) seemingly blinded by his own (sinful) desire to declare that he was (and still is) the best US player of his generation. Well, I say stats be damned, he certainly wasn’t. If he was the best US player of his generation, he would have never caused so many rifts. He would have been willing to let others receive praise, instead of constantly asking that it be heaped only on him. I can’t believe he is on FSC almost nightly now. When I see his smarmy face on TV I actually envy those people out there unfortunate enough to be watching Envy.