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Questioning Milan’s Future

AC MilanAc Milan have been one of the clubs that are having their future questioned as the team’s transfer plan seems to stall a bit after purchasing Mario Yepes and Marco Amelia. Despite lots of players being linked with the club, there haven’t been any concrete moves aside from purchasing young players for their youth squad. Not only making their fans restless but this slow movement on the market also worries some of their players, one of that has voiced out their concern is the team’s captain, Massimo Ambrosini.

Ambrosini is concern about the team’s future as not only he feels the team is too old, the fact that there will be about 10 players running out of contract in 2011 means that the management should have a concrete plan for the future. However, the captain do believe that something will be done by the management which possibly means that some new players could come to San Siro, although Ambro also insist that the ammunition would only arrive if somebody left the squad.

“I think the club is forced to consider 10 situations. They have a year to think about how to react. Either we all play until we’re 40 or the club has to do something. Something will happen, but clearly we cannot expect too much right now, Ambrosini stated to the press.” The squad remains secure because we won’t see too many adjustments, as our directors have said. If they don’t sell, then they won’t buy. It’s all linked to that.”

Up till now the Milan’s failure in selling some of their listed players have indeed become the most important factor for Rossoneri’s transfer market, this could really jeopardize the club’s season as it will be hard to purchase new players if the Diavolo Rosso fail to off load some. The latest rumors revealed that the likes of Kakha Kaladze, Marek Jankulovski, Massimo Oddo, Gennaro Gattuso and Klaas Jan Huntelaar are the players that would possibly leave San Siro next summer, however some of them have been rejecting offers that comes their way.

This has really left Milan directors in such a difficult situation as with the wage budget they have, adding new signings without loosing some on their roosters would definitely trouble them financially in the future. That’s why the Rossoneri seems aggressive in acquiring lots of young primavera players, as not only they won’t earn much those players could be useful in the long run especially if those youngsters can integrate themselves with the team next season. Another advantage in getting youngsters is that they won’t make the squad numbers big because they can still be placed in the Primavera section.

However, surely the team would still need some high profile or at least team squad players that can adapt quicker and make an instant impact to help the team so Milan can challenge for titles next season. Now, the fans would probably hope that some of the listed players won’t keep being stubborn and reject every offers especially if the coach and club doesn’t really need their service anymore. A true football players should really have more passion to sweat on the field playing football rather than just sitting on the bench.

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