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Puyol Remains Confident Over Barcelona's Future After Guardiola

Barcelona’ captain, Carles Puyol, can’t really hide his disappointment with Pep Guardiola’s decision not to continue coaching the Catalan next season, but the captain remain confident with his team’s future without Guardiola because they have a trustworthy replacement.

Puyol revealed his utmost trust towards Barca’s new tactician next season, Tito Vilanova, who the captain believes is the perfect man to continue the Blaurgrana’s legacy.

According to Puyol, Vilanova’s experience working as Guardiola’s assistant for all this years is being suggested as the main ingredients that could keep Barcelona’s machine running well. Having already know the players’ characteristic along with the system of play that Barca played simply means that there won’t be much adaptation and adjustment to make in the summer.

“The fact that Tito will be the new coach is the best news we could get. This is the continuation of a project. Tito knows the team better than anyone and the club’s philosophy. He has worked with Pep for five years. He is the ideal person to carry on the project. It will be more or less the same,” Puyol said.

Furthermore, the skipper also denied that some players are not having a fall out with Guardiola, by stating that all of the current Barca squad are feeling sad with the tactician’s decision, including Lionel Messi, who didn’t show up at the press conference on Friday. Puyol ensured that the team are always united and simply supported their coach even in difficult situation such as what’s currently happening for the Catalan.

“It is a heavy blow that Guardiola leaves. We will forever be thankful to him. He has left a lot of things in football. He marked an era and that is very important. Life goes on and we will try to follow our path and do things as well as when he was here,” Puyol explained. Messi has never had a falling out with Pep. He wanted to be at the press conference. but when he saw that the four captains were going, he took a step back .”