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PSG can make a move on Bordeaux

Flipping through the Ligue 1 schedule it was funny to see how Lyon had been slipping and PSG had just pushed themselves to a huge victory over the lowly Boulogne squad and now we see that (of course) PSG gets Bordeaux this Saturday.  This is a good chance for PSG (like all the other underdogs I love) to make a stand and jump some serious positions in the Ligue 1 table. 

With PSG starting to make a stand and Bordeaux sitting high atop the Ligue 1 table looking down at all their subjects it stands to reason that now is a good time for PSG to jump in there and steal one from the “Big Bad Wolf”.  With Bordeaux just smoking people of late I think that this is another chance for a club like PSG to step up and say “You know, we can just attack you all day until you can’t take it anymore.”   I really hope that’s what happens because that would make for some exciting Soccer.

In other news…








With Chelsea claiming that the Champion’s League crown is more important than winning the Premier League I have to ask one question…

Why would you open your stupid trap and say that?

I know that that MAY be your most important goal, but you can’t tell all the other teams in the Premier League:

1)  That they are piddle in comparison to the Champion’s League

2)  That you think they are so lowly that you can handle them

3)  That if you really had to try in the Premier League then you wouldn’t have time to focus on the Champion’s League


4)  Please use this as bulletin board material so you can plan to destroy us

My theory is “Never say a word if you think another team will use it against you.”  Now, every team in the Premier League thinks Chelsea is snotty and high-brow and uppity (actually, they probably already thought that, but you get the idea.)  Adding to the fire doesn’t help.  In the future…shut up please.  I like you Chelsea…I really do, but you can’t go around running your mouth and expect it not to effect the outcomes of matches because we all know…IT WILL!