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Protect Me Please!

Cristiano Ronaldo must really think he is something huh? If you hated him before last night’s match, then, his post match comments after their barren draw with the Ivory Coast is something you most definitely do not want to begin your day focusing on. Trust me.

The Real Madrid star has a knack of annoying even his most loyal supporters and yesterday was no exception. Going into the tournament as the world’s most expensive player, the Portuguese skipper expected ‘special treatment’ from the Referee and the Ivorians but was instead shocked to learn that no player is more equal.

“Referees should protect the more skillful players when they are getting fouled by the opposition,” Ronaldo said.

“One of their players fouled me in the first half and I got a yellow card for it. I don’t understand it. When it is three against one, as it was with their players against me, it is not fair to book me.”

As Portugal’s main threat, Ronaldo should be very aware that no opposition will gift him with a super highway to their goal. On the contrary, Ronaldo should be very pleased to know that his every touch of the ball results in strong resistance-this a true testamen of his abilities.

“Sometimes it is difficult for me when referees give fouls because they think I dive.”

“They don’t protect talented footballers any more. “Ronaldo was the victim of a bad decision.”

Isn’t that statement a winner. I do not hear Messi complaining. I wonder why? Nigeria was in fact harder on Messi than Ivory Coast was on Ronaldo and yet people still argue as to who is better.

Photo credit: from CATONAUT