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Portugal Hangs On

It’s just like one of those cheesy sports movies.  The team seems unconquerable going into a huge tournament.  They suffer a few losses and realize they are human.  Then they band together and begin to turn it around and play together as a team.  But the conflict arises when the star player goes down with a serious injury leaving him teammates devastated and feeling as if they are against all odds.

It happened to Portugal last Saturday when the club played in their World Cup Qualifier.  And this week it seemed that much more unlikely that the squad would be able to cope without their key star player Mr. Paris Hilton himself, Cristiano Ronaldo.  Ronaldo was expected to not only miss the final qualifier, but also up to four weeks of football with an ankle injury that required surgery a year ago. 

But Portugal is an outstanding team despite losing a fantastic player and they would go on to prove this Wednesday against a squad that was not outstanding in Malta.  Four different players scored for Portugal in the match and the result was never in question.  Portugal would go on to win 4-0 and they will now have the honor of battling for a World Cup birth via a playoff knockout match. 

As for Cristiano Ronaldo I am sure the star is happy that his teammates proved that they can continue the good fight without him, but I am also sure that one of the world’s greatest can’t wait to get back on the pitch for either one of his squads.