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Pirlo Officially Starts New Journey With Juve

PirloOnly few days after waving his goodbye to his colleagues and fans at Ac Milan, Andrea Pirlo has officially started his adventure under a new stripes, the black and white of Juventus on Tuesday night right after the player passed his medical test at the Turin giant.

With the official announcement already being revealed in the Bianconeri’s official site, Pirlo’s status is undoubtedly changing now as he will be a white and black squad new hope for the next three years.

After 10 years of devotion with the Red and Black, on Wednesday, Pirlo will officially be presented to his new devotees, who will see the World Cup winner as an experienced player hoped to lead the team in climbing their way up into the hierarchy or Serie A once again. Despite already reaching the 32-years-old mark, many believes that as long as he manages to stay fit and playing in the right tactic, the ex-Brescia player can still provide lots of goods.

Interestingly, with his new status as a Juventus player, Pirlo joins the list of few notable players that have player for three major teams in Serie A, considering he was also known as an ex-Inter Milan player before spending 10 years with the Rossoneri. The deep lying playmaker joins the likes of Aldo Serena, Christian Vieri and also Roberto Baggio, as the stars that taste the different adventure of three rivalry clubs.

Having becoming such a important player in the Milan midfield setup for a long time, now the big task awaits for Pirlo as whether he could provide a significant contribution for Juventus next season considering of his age. It’s being known that one of the main motivation for the Italian international in moving to Turin is the promise of much more important role along with longer contract that could probably set the ex-Brescia youth player ending his career under the white and black shirt.

In the mold of mix feeling between both Milanisti and Juventini, Pirlo will try to walk his on path in pursuing his personal goal in getting one more international shot for the Azzurri as part of Cesare Prandelli squad in the upcoming Euro next year. The 32-years-old hope that by contributing regularly for Juventus, he can still attract Prandelli in giving the playmaker the role in the new Azzurri squad that is being prepared for the upcoming international tournament, which surely be Andrea Pirlo’s last journey with the Azzurri.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Jan S0L0