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Pirlo and Aquilani Swapping Colors In The Summer ?

PirloAnother interesting transfer rumors emerged in Italy this days suggesting the possibility of a change of colors for two Italian internationals, Andrea Pirlo and Alberto Aquilani, in the summer.

Both players’ status in their respective clubs are still at doubt so far with Pirlo hasn’t had a new contract extension with the Rossoneri, while Aquilani reportedly won’t be made permanent by Juventus at the end of his loan.

This condition have pretty much triggered the speculation about the two players in switching teams in the summer especially Aquilani’s potential in wearing the red and black shirt next season. The ex-Liverpool man reportedly is one of Milan’s target next season alongside Fiorentina’s Ricardo Montolivo and Sampdoria’s Andrea Poli to become the future heir of Pirlo. Meanwhile, Juventus themselves have not keeping a secret that they are very keen on acquiring Andrea Pirlo in the summer, considering the player will be a free agent.

The Bianconeri decided to flirt with Pirlo as they believe the price in acquiring Aquilani permanently is not within their reach and if Liverpool are unwilling to give a discount than Juventus’ management won’t be bother to even try. Should the ex-Roma player is being returned to England, Milan might finally make a move as they are planning to rejuvenate their midfield and could probably provide financial offers that would interest the Reds more than what Juve had.

Should the Rossoneri does get Aquilani, there’s still a big chance that Milan might still keep Pirlo considering they might opted to release few other midfield players in the summer instead of the ex-Brescia star. The key will pretty much depends on the outcome of the season and whether Andrea is keen on having a wage cut in order to continue his adventure with the Red and Black squad for few more seasons and pretty much ending his career with them.

As for Juventus, surely if Aquilani is being discarded, getting Pirlo is on top of their priority since the 31-years-old pretty much suits their policy in acquiring lots of Italian international players into the Bianconeri squad. Without having the need to pay a large sum of transfer fee in the summer, acquiring the former Inter Milan player would definitely be a great option so the Old Lady’s management can focus on using their cash for other players that they needed.

Surely the fate of the two Italian international would be an interesting transfer news that people will be waiting to hear next season as the two are just few of quality midfielder players in the league that could attract big teams if they are being made available. As for as the current reports, the chance of Aquilani in switching team next season still much bigger than Pirlo leaving Milan and starts a new adventure with the Rossoneri’s rival.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jan S0L0