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Pique Gets Knocked Down

Got us worriedFor those of you that think football is a sport for fu-fu men that flop around on the ground faking injuries like pansies then please refer to the first two matches Spain has battled in this World Cup.  Center back and Barcelona man Gerard Pique has literally taken a beating out on the pitch, but much like the epic song Tubthumpin by Chumbawumba (I hope you are picking up my sarcasm), he gets up again and you’re never going to keep Pique down.

The truth is that soccer just might be the third toughest major sport in the world (behind American football and hockey).  After all in just two matches Pique has been gashed in the face by a Swiss player’s cleat while scoring that goal that was “mucked up” by Casillas and Puyol and last match in a win over Honduras the defender was kicked in the teeth drawing quite a bit of blood to pour out of his mouth much like a Rocky movie.  Now I’ve heard of the expression kicked in the teeth before, but to be literally kicked in the teeth…. ouch!

And if you think my assessment of European football being one of the toughest sports in the world is wrong then tell me one other sport where you could kick someone in the mouth and not be thrown out of the match for it?  The truth is that European football is a tough sport and if you still don’t believe me then please refer to the long list of injured players inactive this World Cup.  Collisions happen and feet go flying through the air, sometimes they connect with things other then the ball.  Sometimes the connect with two balls, but that is extremly painful and besides the point.

The good news is that despite the punishment received, Pique isn’t a member of the list at least yet.  But if he continues to take cleats to the jugular then he will probably be added to the list sometime soon.  The truth is like any contact sport, certain men are more prone to injury due to the position they play.  In Pique’s case it is his job as center back to stop offensive of player’s runs towards the net.  In other words his duty is to step in front of people who don’t want him there.    

Now there is no word yet on if the center back will drink a whiskey drink, a vodka drink, a lager drink, or a cider drink in order to dull the pain he has already endured, but the fact is that Pique has no time to be pissing the night away with a much needed victory this week against Chile.

 Creative Commons License photo credit: Roubicek