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Pipo On His Way Out Of Milan

Doesn’t tha pic remind you of the good old Milan? Well, it to me it brings back the memories of a fantastic 2007 for the rossoneri. That was the year they won the Champions league, the Uefa Super Cup and the World Club Cup. Kaka who was at Milan then, was voted both the world player of the year and the best player in Europe. His 10 goals in the Champions League made him the tournament’s top scorer that season and life was good for all in Milan.

However, after a very successful 2007, things changed.  2008 /2009 was to be an anti-climax, a complete shocker for Milan. They did not qualify  for the Champions league that season and their star signing from Barcelona Ronaldinho failed to make a impact in Serie A.

Things got even worse when Milan’s play maker Kaka moved to Spain in a multi -million pound deal at the end of the season. Their captain, Paolo Maldini decided to call it a day retiring after having stayed with the rossoneri for more than 22 years. Their long serving coach Carlo Ancelotti joined the bandwagon as he also moved to England to join Chelsea in yet another lucrative deal.

In the 2009/2010 season, Milan begun poorly and i have to admit, i thought that maybe this was going to be one of those seasons where things just don’t go right. However, Leonardo their new coach, inspired a belief in the team that got them right back on top of their game. His faith in Ronaldinho has allowed the star to once again find his old form. Currently, Milan are position 2 in the league plus they have qualified for the knockout stages of the champions league.

Now to the bad news. Filipo Inzaghi “Super Pipo” a player i greatly admire might be leaving Milan at the end of the season. Their all time top score in European club competition could join Parma very soon. Pipo has been struggling to get playing time this season with his position being given to strike partner Borriello.

Inzaghi is set to reject a one year extension on his current contract that expires at the end of the season. I still think Pipo has what it takes to get regular playing time at Milan. However, if he is still bent on leaving then Milan should let him go. His contribution however, can never be forgotten especially his last minute goals.

Photo credit: milanhatlmoute