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Pepe want's to stay at Madrid and Mourinho keen on keeping him

Real Madrid defender, Pepe, has already made it known that he would like to stay at Madrid and with Jose Mourinho keen on keeping the Portuguese defender; it’s the contract negotiations that stand in the way.

With Pepe’s contract expiring in 2012, Pepe wants to see his wages increased as his wages is one of the lowest in the club. “When Madrid show they intend to keep me, it would be logical to suggest my first option is them,” Pepe went on to say to Marca as he continued:

“But we are footballers and when the club does not show an interest, it is obvious I’d have to find a life elsewhere. I have this season and then a year so I have time. If it was up to me, it would have been renewed by now because I love the team and the fans.”

Although the contract negotiations has been a constant battle between Pepe and the club, Mourinho feels confident that Pepe will remain with the club, “In a few weeks I will fix everything and Pepe will stay here” said Mourinho as reported by SoccerNews.

It was said that Real Madrid are ready to offer Pepe a 3-year extension to stay at the Bernabeu but with Chelsea and Barcelona both looking like potential buyers, only money will convince Pepe whether or not he remains with the club.

Think Pepe will decide to stay with Los Blancos? Do you consider the Portugese defender a vital part of Madrid’s defense? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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