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Pepe out SIX MONTHS!?!?!

Ahhhhhh, when my predictions just look like they aren’t going to come true here comes some bad news out of Madrid.  It appears that Real Madrid’s star defenseman Pepe will be out up to six months because he needs surgery on his knee.  Well, that makes it kinda hard to play soccer so I guess they have to choice but to shelve him.

With Real Madrid 5 points back in the Premier Division AND just getting Cristiano Ronaldo back they now have to deal with the fact that Pepe is gone from their backfield and they STILL have to catch up with Barca.  This cannot bode well for the boys from Madrid.

Now, I know they can score (Ronaldo proved that in a Champion’s League win last week) but you can score all day long and if your defense won’t hold up you’ll be drawing everyone or losing 5-4 every match.  Now, do I think Real Madrid is going to implode right now?  No.  But this is a a sign of worse things to come.  I mean, most teams aren’t going to spend a significant amount of time in Madrid’s end to begin with, but you can see the implications of this injury.

The upside for Real Madrid is that they could easily use a substitute who turns out to be better than Pepe (wouldn’t that be nice for them?) and everything turns out just fine.  However, on a team with such highly-paid and touted players I doubt sincerely that there is a sub who is better than a starter.

This isn’t a Tom Brady situation where a phoenix rose out of nowhere to everyone’s surprise.  The loss of Pepe hurts and now the Champion’s League is in the knockout stage and La Liga is heating up how can Madrid expect to stay focused when every time they turn around there’s an injury or a bad loss?  I’ll have to give their manager and staff credit because most teams who lack an emotional leader and have had this many problems would have crumbled by now…but one team can only stand so much.  You know?

Right now, I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.