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Pepe confident that Madrid will defeat Espanyol

Real Madrid defender, Pepe, is confident that his side will come out victorious when they take on Espanyol on Tuesday night. Although Madrid are far from full their full potential, Pepe feels that if his side can continue and stay focused throughout the match, Los Blancos will come out with the 3 points.

“This will be an exciting match. Espanyol want to perform well and we must be ready to respond. Winning is important so that we stay on track in La Liga. We will win if we stay as focused and determined as we were in previous matches. My main duty is to defend, but I will always try to score if I have the chance. I would love to help my team out and repay the fans for all their support during the time I was injured in that manner.” said Pepe on Madrid’s official site.

Excited to be playing alongside Ricardo Carvalho, he knows that the former Chelsea defender will help the defense out tremendously. Having played alongside Carvalho in Portugal, Pepe is even more confident in Madrid’s success.

“I feel great playing alongside Ricardo Carvalho, just as I do with Albiol and Garay. Ricardo and I had played together for Portugal. Knowing one another makes it easier. He is a great player. He is very experienced and he will contribute a lot to Real Madrid. Mourinho is a hard worker. He demands a lot of his players because of our talent and where we are. He wants us to always put forth our best effort. He is always on top of us so that we do not make mistakes, or to at least minimize them.”

With Espanyol sure shaping up to be Madrid’s toughest test yet this season, Segio Garcia and Jose Maria Callejon are 2 players that will be looking to kill the hype of Madrid. Should Madrid fall asleep during the match, these 2 strikers will be the ones to punish them.

It will be a good game between both sides as they get set to meet Tuesday. Who do you think will come out victorious? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below and be sure to follow me on Twitter @Herb_Maldonado