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Pep Guardiola upset with the Zlatan Ibrahimovic situation

So it seems that the feud of  the Swedish striker possibly signing with Serie A club AC Milan isn’t between Pep Guardiola and AC Milan but it’s between Guardiola and Ibra’s agent, Mino Raiola.

With Ibrahimovic rumored to be prepared to sign with Milan, Guardiola has went on to make it clear that he is he is very upset with the way the negations went about. In a recent statement made by the Barcelona coach, he went on to say many things about the situation.

“I am tired of the Ibrahimovic situation, we will see what happens in the coming hours. I am not happy with the way this situation has been managed. For now Ibrahimovic is a Barcelona player. We will see what happens. I am the boss here, and I decided not to pick him (for Sunday’s clash when Barca met Racing Santander). In a normal situation he would have been picked. But in this situation it was best not to select him. In any case I am staying calm and will make team decisions. Raiola? I am surprised that he knows me so well. I have ever only spoken to him once in my life. I thank the club for defending me after they published the statement. That has not affected me as I can defend myself. I said okay to the statement and now it’s with the legal team.”

This is what Pep Guardiola went on to say to the press earlier.

Although Ibra may have wanted to stay at Camp Nou, it seems that his agent may have done a good job in luring him to the Italian club where he is said to be heading before the transfer window end. Although Guardiola maybe upset with the way the who process was handled, it doesn’t seem like the Spanish champions will be effected much with the loss of Ibra services as Villa has been playing  extremely well for the club thus far.

Think Raiola is just wrong to have played such games with Ibra and Barcelona ? How do you feel about Ibra leaving Barcelona ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.