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Pep Guardiola is more than a coach to Fabregas as Cesc went on to call him his 'Idol'

The Cesc Fabregas deal, which might see the 23-year old leave Arsenal to re-unite with his childhood club Barcelona, has been one of the most talked abouts signings for the past few months and it seems as if it will continue to be one. Although Arsene Wenger has made several statements that the Gunners have no intentions of selling the Spanish midfielder, with the way Barcelona is pressuring for Fabregas and with Fabregas still making remarks about wanting to join Barcelona, it seems as if Barcelona just might have a chance in signing him.

Although Cesc Fabregas is currently away in South Africa with the Spain national team, Fabregas is still hinting that he is wishing to go back to Barcelona as he went on to say that joining the club will have him playing for one of his boyhood idols, Pep Guardiola.

Fabregas went on to say the following :

“Guardiola has always been my idol since childhood. I played in his position and I noticed him. My coach even gave me a shirt signed by him.  I won’t think about anything until after the World Cup. It won’t be a problem if I return to Barcelona because Barca is my home. The people there are always sensational in the way they treat me.”

If Arsenal do decide to respect the wishes of Fabregas and let him join Barcelona, I can only see this being a possible move if they not only ask for a minimum of around 40 million euros, but also maybe a player or 2.

Fabregas is considered the heart of Arsenal by some of its fans and with the club already having un-leashed some of its  top players like Adebayor, Arsenal need to do a good job in keeping or signing players who will have the type of impact that Fabregas has for the Gunners. Although Arsene Wenger already stated that he will be looking to bring in some top quality players, if they decide to respect Fabregas’s wishes and allow him to make the switch, they need to find someone to replace his shoes immediately.

What do you see happening? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.