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Pele Says Messi Needs 1,000 Goals

The world is going Messi-crazed and you can’t blame them.  Claiming that Messi is the best modern day player in the world is like claiming that Michael Jordan was a great basketball player or that the sky is blue.  What Messi is currently doing is not only extraordinary for the sport of European football, but it is extraordinary for sports in general.

Messi has a nice shot at 50 goals this season (between UEFA and league play) and the treble winner from last year is looking to collect every single piece of hardware his name could potentially win in La Liga and the UEFA Champions League.  Anything less then a double would be a disappointment for the superstar Argentina international forward.  But where is Messi on the list of the greatest ever?  Pele isn’t too keen on handing over that beloved title.

Brazilian legend Pele apparently is annoyed with people that ask him if Messi is better then he was in his prime.  And the three time World Cup champion footballer should be.  Pele claims that if Messi can surpass 1,000 goals then his name should be considered.  But his point is that Messi is still really young, and as far as international experience goes, still has room to improve and become even greater over the years.

But make no mistake.  Pele knows that Messi is hot on his heels and is more capable then any other player at taking over his reign.  Until Messi can prove his worth over a full decade then it is hard to hand over the title.  Also three World Cup titles never hurts your chances of being considered the world’s greatest either.

So in other words, Messi still has some work to do.