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Pato Only Desires Move to Barca From AC Milan

The good news for AC Milan fans is that Alexandre Pato has no interest in joining an English Premier League club; the bad news for the fans of the Italian giants is that the young Brazilian forward only desires a move to Barcelona

Barcelona appears to be the destination of choice for most young promising footballers and why not with the ridiculous combination of nearly half of the world Cup winning Spanish national team and Argentine forward and world’s best player Lionel Messi. Pato’s name has come up often in reported interest from Manchester City and Chelsea this January and landing the young Brazilian national team star would be a costly investment to say the least.

But it appears Pato is ready to squash any of these rumors of moving to England and made the following statement regarding his desired destination of choice if he had to leave Milan:

I am honoured by City’s interest, but I am a Milan player and I’m happy here. If one day I do leave Milan, I’d like to wear the Barcelona jersey. I think I’d only leave Milan for Barcelona.

And this certainly isn’t terrible news for Milan considering their prized young star is basically claiming that England is out of the picture for now. Barcelona, on the other hand, could one day become a factor into the forward’s future, but certainly not anytime too soon. And this is also good news for Barcelona as well who would gladly sign possibly the next top star of the football world. And considering the forward is now teammates with spurned Barca man Zlatan Ibrahimovic, it is also good news for Barcelona that the Swede has not infected the young Brazilian’s perception of the top Spanish team.

But if that day ever does come then expect a lot of zeroes to be attached to that transfer offer.