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Pato Latest Injury For Milan And Brazil

AC Milan’s Brazilian striker Alexandre Pato joins the list of growing Brazilian players who find themselves in danger of missing a considerable amount of playing time after he twisted his ankle during training with Milan in Detroit.

This comes after fellow compatriot and former Milan star Kaka was ruled out of action for up to 4 months after surgery on his left knee. The list does not end there as the Rossoneri will be without another of their stars Ronaldinho who picked up an injury while training with Milan a week ago.

Now, i do not want to be superstitious, but isn’t it very ironical that three Brazilians who play or played for Milan are all injured just before the start of the season?

With both Pato and Dinho out for only a couple of weeks at most, Kaka has been dealt the cruel hand of fate as he is not expected back in Real’s squad until the new year.

If you can remember right, Pato  had a lacklustre season last year due to his on and off injuries. The 20 year old is very talented but could end up costing Milan a number of trophies if he does not learn how to protect himself from injuries.

Pato is now a definite miss for the Selecao’s international friendly against the USA on Tuesday. With Serie A action set to start in around two week’s time, Milan might be in danger of starting yet another season on the wrong foot.

Meanwhile, Milan laboured to a 5-3 win over Panathinaikos in Detroit Michigan yesterday after the game ended in a barren draw in normal time. Despite the win, Milan did not fair any better than perennial arch rivals Inter did when they faced the same opposition as a disallowed goal saved Allegri from his second defeat in only a handful of matches.

The Rossoneri are considered one of Italy’s and the world’s biggest clubs however, their form in the recent past does has not warranted that status.

Photo credit: from trommer photography