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Pastore: Leaving Palermo Makes No Sense

Palermo striker Javier Pastore will not be leaving in the summer. The 21 year old has insisted that moving away from the club that gave him his break ‘has no sense’.

Pastore has been the target of major European clubs including Milan, Barcelona, Manchester United and Real Madrid. His amazing exploits in his debut season fueled rumours that he would be snapped up by one of Europe’s big clubs in the summer of 2010.

Now, the 21 year old has come out to say that he will remain with Palermo.

“But I am happy at Palermo. Like I said recently, I see myself here next year. Talking about Real Madrid, Barcelona or Napoli has no sense for me at the moment.

“I am only thinking about my team and qualifying for the Champions League, which is an objective in our reach.”

Of course, everyone is happy until they receive a mind blowing offer which they would be crazy to refuse. Think of  Ronaldo, Adebayor, Balotelli and you would understand that just as much as they may be talented, a huge factor that made them move was money.

Pastore is still relatively young. At only 21, his main concern i figure is developing his talent. The next few years will determine if he will stay with Palermo or seek a move.

He might love Palermo, but no one wants to stay with a club that does not win trophies and that is a fact. So either way, Pastore will eventually leave Palermo. The only question is When?

Photo credit: from Piefi