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Palermo Ready To Part Ways With Kjaer and Cavani

It looks like Palermo’s failure in getting the final Champions League spot last season in serie A has open the transfer gate for their talented players as after loosing Fabio Simplicio, the Rossanero fans must be ready to part ways with Simon Kjaer and Edison Cavani. This unpleasant news is not just some random rumors as it was stated by the club’s president Maurizio Zamparini, who believes that the two youngsters won’t be at the club next summer.

Both players who are involved in the World Cup this season representing their respective countries, have been courted with many big clubs and with the fact Palermo wont be playing in the big European competition next season, opens up the chance for those players to leave. According to what Zamparini said, it looks like he would prefer to sell his two gems outside of Italy as until today he only confirmed the offers that comes from abroad. Moreover, the president also stated that the reason behind the two players’ selling is not the same, as Kjaer has too many offers while Cavani doesn’t want to stay at the club.

“I know of talks with the two Manchester clubs, Tottenham and Wolfsburg. I think it’s a barrage. In my opinion, when certain offers arrive, it’s necessary for the player to leave. A couple of quite important offers have come in. We are discussing them then I will call the player. I must find a replacement. Kjaer’s valuation is between €15m and €20m.” Zamparini explained,“As for Cavani, he is on the market because he wants to be. He wishes to go to another club and we aren’t negotiating with anyone. Anyway, I think that in the end Kjaer and Cavani will leave.”

The potential departure of both Kjaer and Cavani will surely weakened Palermo’s quality for next season, although I believe they will be gambling on another young talent to replace their loss still it would take more time to integrate the new players on the squad. Moreover, I also hope that at least Kjaer would still stay in Serie A as having a young talent like him still playing in the league certainly keeps the league interesting and attractive.