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Palermo Get Europa League Ticket As Juve’s Season Gets Bleaker

PalermoInter Milan’s advancement in the Italian Cup after picking up a 1-1 draw against As Roma in the second leg, gives an advantage towards another finalist Palermo, who get an official passage to the European League, despite their current league position at eight place in the table.

Considering the fact that the Nerazzurri are already ensured a spot in the Champions League, whatever the Copa result the Europa League ticket will go to the Sicilian, because they are currently out of any European football seat in Serie A.

This condition surely becomes a blessing for Palermo, who kinda lost their way a bit in the latter part of the league, dropping their challenge in European football rather soon but luckily Delio Rossi’s team managed a place in the Cup final. If the Sicilian felt the joy by having another shot at European competition, the same can’t be said with Juventus, who with this condition might not even compete in the Europa League next summer since the Turin giant are currently sitting at 7th place.

Italian teams are being given three tickets to play in the European League, with the fifth, sixth ranked in Serie A plus the Italian Cup winner/finalist if that team didn’t already qualified for any European football. Should Juventus fails to finish above seventh place, their season might surely turned into disaster as not playing in any European competition would not only cut their income but might also trouble their summer transfer plan.

Meanwhile, despite already getting a passage to Europe, Palermo will still be determined in beating Inter in the Cup final as the Rossanero themselves are much more keen on winning something rather than just acquiring Europa League seat. Victories over two Milan teams while grabbing the trophy would definitely be a special achievement for the Sicilian team, who has been having a roller coaster ride in Serie A this season.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Grazia Bucca