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Oooooh, More Playoff Craziness!

Well, now the playoffs are getting crazier.  {I mean, I know I wanted it this way, but this is getting REALLY intense.}

Chivas did a bang-up job shutting out Kansas City on Saturday and those 3 points gave them a bid in this year’s playoffs for the MLS Cup.  With one less spot to have even Chicago looks dicey (in 4th Place overall.)

Columbus dropped New England on Saturday and the 3 potential points that New England had coming its way are starting to look more and more desperately needed.  They succeeded in putting themselves in a position where Chivas clinched a playoff bid, the Revolution lost, and now there are only 4 spots left.  New England, by staying in the 8th slot, put themselves in further danger of being pushed out by a team coming from behind them.  (Basically, if New England doesn’t stop the “fall” now, they won’t stop the rest of the season.)

Speaking of teams that are behind New England…look at Toronto.  They drew with a horrible San Jose team (that they should have beaten) and now they are kicking themselves (heck, they weren’t kicking the ball on Saturday) because if they had the 2 extra points that would’ve come with a win against San Jose…they would be tied with New England in 8th.  That sucks for them, but you know what:  Some teams can find a way to win matches like that and some cannot.  Cest la vie!

Real Salt Lake sits all the way down in 12th place with 34 points.  They have the only upcoming match early this week with a bout against New York on Wednesday.  They win…they get 3 points…they jump over everyone in front of them and they’ll be able to read the fine print on New England’s bumper stickers.  {I’m curious to see if they can put a good one together against New York.}

After that, we’ll have to wait until Saturday to see if the flurry of matches (which include EVERY team in this chase) will produce highlights…or lowlights.  I’m going with highlights.  Salt Lake could really kick Toronto while they’re down, Columbus could REALLY kick D.C. while they’re down, Seattle HAS to beat Kansas City, and we’ll see if Chicago can slowly push New England’s fingers off the edge of the cliff as they hang on to that 8th spot for dear life.

Fun times this October.  I’ll be back after the Salt Lake match on Wednesday and we’ll preview all of Saturday together.  Until then…