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Oh, the Drama of the Last Week

messi_f50iSo many stories so little time.  It’s like the plot summary of a soap opera.  Well lets see where should we start:

1) Barca in Driver’s Seat

Last year’s treble winners could end up with nothing this year, but with a last week home match against a lowly team (Valladolid) that will probably not happen.  Barca should win the league title.

2) Real Madrid the Back Seat Driver

Los Galicticos are disappointed in their trophyless season, but it isn’t over until Ronaldo of Brazil sings and the all whites have a favorable last week match-up against a team that hasn’t won since March.  Expect a one point margin of defeat to the Barca boys

3) Whose Last Week in La Liga Is It?

Tough question, but I’ll name a few of the potential bye-byes.  Sergio Aguero already punched his ticket to Chelsea.  Raul in NY is always possible.  David Villa to Man U looks like it could be true.  David Silva too.  And will Ibs leave La Liga for Juve after just one year?  And what about Benzema & Higuain in Real Madrid or Thierry Henry falling out of favor in Barca?  The times are a changing.   

4) Pellegrini’s Last Stand

Welcome Jose Mourinho. 

5) The Fight for the Top Four

Sevilla and Mallorca will battle out for the top four and Sevilla has the edge by a single point.  Both squads play middle of the pack opponents and there is only one Champions League qualifying ticket.

6) Relegation Dance

Five teams two spots.  Three toughest teams in the league facing three of the worst.  This could get ugly.

Creative Commons License photo credit: adifansnet