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Oh Henry! French Striker Set to Leave Barca

In what has been a tumultuous past couple of months for French superstar Thierry Henry, it appears as if the striker is set to leave Barcelona. Recent news has leaked out from the Camp Nou that both the player and the club have settled on terms for Henry to leave the reigning La Liga champions.

Henry was essentially anonymous in his most recent appearance on the soccer stage with France at this year’s World Cup. He failed to ever qualify for head coach Raymond Domenech’s starting side, and when he entered the match, Henry appeared lost and disinterested.

Although Henry came over to Spain amid a wave of expectations from Arsenal, he certainly won’t be missed at the Camp Nou. Since his entrance in 2007, the French forward has failed to produce the goals he did in the English Premiership, and Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola cannot wait to get rid of Henry.

Despite Henry’s contract officially ending next year in June 2011, Barcelona’s general director Joan Oliver reached a friendly agreement with the player, deeming it would be best if they terminated the deal early on.

What’s next for the French striker? His options will certainly be limited. Wherever he goes, Thierry Henry possesses a fair amount of baggage, and his recent form has been appalling. He is now well past his prime, yet remains a big-name player and a star personality.

For these reasons don’t be shocked to see him end up in Major League Soccer. Yes the quality of play is no doubt lacking, but the infusion of a star like Henry could add legitimacy to a league widely considered as being second-rate. If he does decide to cross the Atlantic and head east, look for him to end up amid the big city and bright lights of New York to play with the Red Bulls club. The Red Bulls are the current favorites to land the French striker, and the inclusion of Henry could solidify their bid in claiming this season’s MLS championship.

One thing is for certain, this is no longer the prolific Thierry Henry that used to possess the ability to completely dominate the pitch. He will follow in the footsteps of washed-up stars before him. Most of which have largely faltered in the MLS, most recently David Beckham. It will be interesting to see if Henry follows suit.