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Oh Captain My Captain

Soccer WM 2006Germany coach Joachim Low doesn’t feel the heat of selecting a Germany captain for the upcoming qualifiers of Euro 2012 and the coach has stressed his lack of interest in immediately selecting a figure to represent the impressive squad from this summer’s World Cup.

Of course back in Germany the drama is continuing to escalate as several sports writers and media personalities alike debate which footballer the coach will select for the honor of the yellow armband. And if you don’t know the back story surrounding the dilemma, Philipp Lahm wore the armband this recent World Cup when regular skipper Michael Ballack suffered a serious injury in the FA Cup final against Portsmouth just weeks before the start of the huge event.

And Ballack was considered the key man on the squad back then, but following a very successful run with a younger team many have claimed that perhaps Lahm should remain captain as a reward for the club’s effort this summer. Both footballers have publicly made it known that they would prefer the honor to be awarded to themselves and neither man appears to be ready to hand the title over to the other.

Personally, I believe Ballack deserves the honor considering he already was awarded it and only lost the armband due to a rough tackle in a match weeks before the event. If that tackle never happened then this debate would not exist. And I also do not think Germany could be considered a better team due to the former Chelsea man’s absence from the pitch.

But to be completely honest I think the armband is just a symbol and actually will have no true significance on the future of the club or no real significance on anything at all for that matter.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Uwe Hermann