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Now Ronaldo Wants Pellegrini In Madrid?

Camara en el partido

For someone who just got to Madrid about a year ago Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be awfully interested in shaking the foundations of Real Madrid every time he opens his mouth.  I’ve already blasted him in this space for saying that he wouldn’t mind having Jose Mourinho as his coach–even though Manuel Pellegrini is still employed in Madrid.

Well, now he seems to think that ole Manuel is alright.  I mean, he must be swell, right?

“I am going to be sincere.  I like coaches with winning mentalities, but it is with Pellegrini that I find myself most happy. I hope he stays for two or three more years. The other coaches do not concern me.”

“We have gotten better over the past two weeks and everything is possible. We are only one point off the leaders.  I am confident that we will win our last five matches and be proclaimed champions. We are focused and our priority is to win. If we do, we will celebrate very well.”

“For me, the most important thing of all is the team, although I respect every person.  The individual aspects are secondary. If the team wins, I am happy.”

I love how he started with, “I’ll be sincere” since he hasn’t been that all season.  Plus, now he wants Pellegrini to stay another 2 to 3 years.  Why 2 to 3 years?  You mean two to three years until you get tired of him for real?  If I were Pellegrini that wouldn’t inspire much confidence in the best player on my team.

Moreover, he says he respects everyone in the organization?  Honestly, he clearly only respects himself and that’s ok–just be honest about it.  Just tell us you’re a selfish player and let that be that.

Honesty goes a long way and it would in Madrid as well.  This is going to be a long couple of years for Pellegrini.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Eric Caballero