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Nothing Less Than A Win

Tensions are already rising ahead of tonight’s Champions League return leg fixture between Barcelona and Chelsea. During yesterday pre-match press conference, both managers yesterday said that they will be going for nothing less than a win.

Di Matteo who is expected to delay his decision o Drogba, said that his side will attack from the start.

“It is too difficult to play for a goalless draw. To score would give us a greater advantage but we all know how difficult it is going to be. Ultimately Barcelona will create chances against any team and we will have to try to score a goal. But we will also try to limit the chances they create against us.”

His opposite number Pep Guardiola also emphaised the importance of his side winning the fixture.

“We begin with a 1-0 disadvantage and we have 90 minutes to turn it around,” he said.

“It is possible that we will have to score three goals. This will be a match similar to the one against Levante and Madrid, because Chelsea are very strong physically and very good on the counter.We will have to find a good balance. We will not have many chances to score and we will have to make the few we will have count.”

Much has been said about the match and no what remains is for both sides to battle it out on the pitch. My prediction for the game still remains 2-1 in favour of Barcelona and 2-2 on aggregate with Chelsea making it through on the away goals rule, however, this is just my two cents. What do you think? Will Barca make it to the final?