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No We Can’t?

President Obama likes the Steelers
Creative Commons License photo credit: jdebner

The Date: I know what you may be thinking: “first he does some poor humor on MLK Day and now he is going to try and poke fun of the POTUS?” No, this post isn’t really about Obama. Sure, today is the one year anniversary of when he took office. He cruised into the role of Commander in Chief by besting Senator John McCain, which he accomplished with his indelible message of hope and change. But, do people really have more hope now? Has anything actually changed? I honestly don’t know the answers to these questions. You see, I really only think about soccer. In fact, the only thing that I hope changes in 2010 is the number of World Cups the US has won. 

The Hate: Now, I have heard Obama is subject to some pretty strict scrutiny by those on the far right, but you cannot even imagine the microscope the US Nats seem to be under. While we have many ardent supporters of the squad here in the States, we also have several citizens who inexplicably seem to want the team (and soccer in general) to fail. I believe the dictionary definition for an irrational person like this is “douchebag”. In fact, some of these “douchebags” often ridicule the most beautiful game as “boring”, “not handsy enough”, and “communist.” While many US supporters try to push the team to the point they can win it all, the soccer haters just say “No We Can’t”.  

The Fate: Well, I have a message for you fellow Yanks out there who ridicule soccer: “Yes We Can”. We may not be able to solve the healthcare crisis. We may not be able to ever escape from our Middle East meltdowns in Iraq and Afghanistan. We may not be able to pay down the debt we owe those Chinamen. We may not be able to ever come to any sort of national consensus on the gay marriage issue. But, we do have a chance – albeit a small one – of besting every great soccer nation at the 2010 World Cup. We have a chance to actually impress people with our foreign affairs. I know, it is not likely we will it all, but at least the team has the opportunity to succeed. As for Obama…

Well, many people decided before he even took the Oath that he was going to be the worst thing that happened to America ever. Another large group of people continue to support everything he does (or doesn’t do). Then there is a third group, which I like to call “rational thinkers”. We understand that he will never be as bad as Fox News says, nor as divine as portrayed on MSNBC. I – for one – think he made multiple sweeping promises that he has yet to deliver on. Sure, he still has some more time, but soon he will need to start campaigning again, so I bet we will get more promises made to us before we get any past promises fulfilled. To impress me, he needs to get on the proverbial pitch. 

Eh, but what do I really know about how our US democracy works?

After all, I am a soccer fan and therefore a communist, right “douchebags”?