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No Time Like The Present!

Sevilla and Real Madrid kick off in exactly one hour (as of the actual keystrokes of this column) and now that Ronaldo is out Sevilla has no time like the present to make a statement.

Earlier this week I said that Sevilla could step up and come into this match (after having beaten the Rangers in their Champions League match) believing they CAN win.  I also said that Real Madrid was going to have to get step up performances from other players to make this thing work when they meet a Sevilla squad that is coming off a big win and ready to show their mettle in the Premier Division.

We are going to see seasons unfold today.  I guarantee you.

I talked about the “hand” that Man U has in the EPL (getting Sunderland to give them an own goal to preserve a draw) and now we’re going to see if Real Madrid has “hand” in La Liga.  If they do, then they will fight hard with Sevilla, Sevilla will take a great deal of ground, but somehow Real will prevail.  If they don’t…Sevilla will crush them and Real’s season will begin to go down the drain (at the same time that my prophecy on this season begins to come true.)  I can’t wait to see if I’m right.

The easiest way to watch this match is to see how the “regular” Real players respond when they’re down a superstar.  Are they capable of filling in?  Will we find a new star on the Madrid squad today?

Or, will we find new stars in Sevilla as they show their might against a VERY strong Real Madrid club?  I can’t decide which one I want to see more…Madrid go down, or Madrid rise on the back of a new star who Ronaldo will have to make time for after he returns.  Either way this is going to be fun (and we might even get some bruised egos out of this!)

So please, be on the lookout for attitude, team pride, and new faces today.  We’re going to get something good and, for my money anyways, I expect a bit of everything.