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No Strike This Weekend in Serie A

Out of all the good news in the sports world this just might be the best. Serie A’s expected players’ strike this upcoming weekend has been called off and the players will all dress for their upcoming matches. The players were set to begin their strike this September 25th and 26th, but following a players’ union meeting it appears that the side has agreed to continue playing until at least the end of November.

The reason why the athletes were prepared to strike was because their collective bargaining agreement had run out in June and the two parties were far apart in several of the league’s set rules. Now after the two parties coming together and negotiating their new deal 6 of the 8 major points have been mutually agreed upon and only two remain unsettled.

One of those two points is likely the debate of players in the last year of their deals being transferred. A huge part of the alleged strike that nearly happened was because of the players disagreement with the league on rights in the last year of their deal. At the moment the players have no rights regarding where they could be transferred to and they would like to have some type of security blanket in the last year.

But their was no word on what six points were settled and what two remain open for debate. Either way the good news is that the players will play this weekend and these things will hopefully be worked out in time so that there is not a strike this season. 

A statement from the Lega Serie A read:

The strike called by the Italian Footballers’ Association (AIC) for this weekend has been suspended. Sergio Campana, president of the union, announced it after the fourth meeting between representatives of the Lega Serie A and that of the AIC regarding the collective bargaining agreement which expired in June.

AIC secretary Gianni Grazioli added to the statement:

We will continue to negotiate until November 30 because there are still two issues where no agreement has been reached.×594.jpg