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No Scholes, no Giggs, no Rooney…..how will Manchester United cope?

Manchester United are playing Valencia on Wednesday evening (GMT 19.45 kick off) but they will play the crunch Champions League clash without three of their msot important players. Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Wayne Rooney all have minor injuries. None are long term worries and all are expected to return to first team action within a matter of weeks but in the next fortnight none of the trio are expected to feature, meaning Manchester United have to cope, at the very least, against Valencia on Wednesday and Sunderland on the weekend without them.

Wayne Rooney has been nursing an ankle injury for quite some time and has now been given 3 weeks to recuperate himself properly. More sceptical analysis, however, suggests this is just a convenient story and the truth is that the English forward has been dropped because of his poor form. Perhaps Wayne Rooney has been given the following couple of weeks off in order to resolve his marital issues, arrived at because of his alleged sexual infidelities. Though none of the stories have been confirmed by Wayne Rooney they have alos, notably, not been denied and the general consensus in the British media is that the stories are true. Consequently, if it is the case, it is hardly surprising that Rooney has lost his form. Sir Alex Ferguson might be pulling off a masterstroke by allowing his star player a few weeks off. A short term loss for a long term gain.

In the case of Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes it is a little more straightforward. Ryan Giggs has a hamstring problem and Scholes has some type of minor injury. Both have been reasonably good form so it is quite evident that neither would have dropped from the squad on this account. The invaluable experience of the pair would also have been handy for the club on the journey to Spain. In fact Sir Alex Ferguson will probably find the midweek adventure a little revealing, demonstrating to him which of his players are capable of coping in such a situation without the experienced older heads on hand to offer support and guidance.

Portuguese under 21 international Bebe, signed in the summer, has been named in the squad although he is only expected to feature, if at all, from the bench. Park Ji Sung, Michael Carrick and Anderson are all expected to start in place of Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Wayne Rooney.