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No Pastore Move For Roma

With the new ownership status about to be officially announced soon, As Roma reportedly are looking to improve their squad in the summer by targeting some important players including Palermo’s starlet, Javier Pastore. However, this idea looks to hit a brick wall after the Sicilian club’s president, Maurizio Zamparini, stated that he has no intention on letting his young talent move to the capital club as Zamparini doesn’t believe that Giallorossi’s new owner can actually afford Pastore.

Speaking to the press, Zamparini, voiced out his uncertainty about Roma’s future owner, Thomas Di Benedetto’s financial capabilities by stating that he doesn’t have as much money as Chelsea’s Roman Abramovic. The Palemo’s patron also suggested that Di Benedetto should rather concentrate in getting other players as Pastore won’t be sold for the time being unless there’s a club that could produce a crazy offer that the Sicilian can’t refuse.

“I wouldn’t be willing to open negotiations for Pastore’s sale with the American consortium,” Zamparini stated. “Before flying high, Di Benedetto must show who he is and what means he has available to him Pastore is staying with us. We have an agreement with him and his agent at least until a crazy offer arrives, but in Italy there isn’t an owner like Roman Abramovich and I don’t believe Di Benedetto is one.”

This refusal is surely a big blow for Roma’s future new management should they are serious in getting Pastore, as Zamparini is a controversial character that doesn’t sell his players to clubs he isn’t really keen on. Looking at his statement towards the American consortium that Di Benedetto lead, the Palermo’s president doesn’t seem keen at all as the fiery patron also stated that he actually would rather have Italian owner to lead Roma instead of foreign group.

“I don’t know these Americans. I don’t know what group it is. I would have preferred a strong Italian group for Roma,” Zamparini added.

Beside reportedly eying Pastore, Roma’s future owner reportedly are also looking for several other names such as Juventus’ number one goalie, Gianluigi Buffon. Italian press believed that Di Benedetto is eager to add some more quality signings to make the Giallorossi much more competitive in the summer. Unfortunately, there are still no official confirmation regarding the financial strength or future plan for Roma as the take over process hasn’t officially being made as just yet, although everything is already in place and should happened next week.