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No Let Up In Dinho Transfer

As is rather obvious, no week or day for that matter is over without news on one of Serie A’s greatest imports Ronaldinho. The Brazilian play maker is the major transfer talk of the Italian league and the game in general for what are clear reasons.

Yet again, the rumours continue with many claiming that Dinho’s silence equals his displeasure with the Rossoneri. All this news can be very confusing especially to his fans. That’s why i have resorted to ignoring all the reports and breaking news about Dinho’s future-all except from very reliable sources.

The last i heard, was that Roberto De Assis (Dinho’s brother and agent) was to meet with AC Milan officials in a bid to iron out a new deal for the 30 year old star. Ever since, details about this new deal have been scarce and few between.

Until Roberto speaks again, we should believe and have faith that all is well and that Dinho will still be a member of the Rossoneri next season. Andrea D’Amico, well knowledgeable football expert and agent for Gennaro Gattuso, Ignazio Abate and Luca Antonini shared some of is thoughts on Dinho’s impending transfer.

“It’s difficult to say, it certainly depends on the proposal that will arrive,” he explained to TMW.

“Right now, the Los Angeles Galaxy seem the most valid option to me.”

That might be true but to quote Roberto De Assis, “Ronaldinho has not once mentioned his desire to leave.”

Its only fair that Milan should honour their end of the deal  and keep Dihno until his contract runs out in June 2011. Only then will they a legal and moral mandate to do whatever they desire.

Photo credit: from sithuseo