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No Coaching Role For Totti In The Future

Francesco TottiWhen a player is already in the twilight of his playing career, there’s usually one common options that many players would take to continue working on the field that they know and love which is becoming a coach.

However, not all players have that kind of thought and one of the players that have no intention of coaching in the future is As Roma captain, Francesco Totti.

Totti himself reveals that news in an interview with Canale 5 as he was explaining about the things he will be doing after he is not actively playing for Roma in the future. 

The captain revealed that he hasn’t really figured out his plan in the future but confirmed that coaching won’t be something he wanted to do because he doesn’t have the heart in sending some players to the stand should they aren’t included in his team set up.

“I still don’t now what I will do when I stop playing, but I will certainly not be a Coach because I am too good,” Totti stated. “It takes guts: choosing the formation, sending some of your players in the stands. I’d prefer to avoid that. It would hurt me too much.”

Totti’s statement in surely an interesting one as a player with his brilliance could actually have a good career as a coach, however hearing from his arguments the 34-year-old player does have a point. In becoming a coach that person should definitely be ruthless at times as they can only field 11 players on the field despite having a team of 25-30 players that practice hard everyday and all of them surely wants playing time.

Another important aspect would also be the critics that would jeopardize the coach’s credibility whenever he makes the wrong decision and the sad thing is if that tactician is a former great player, there’s a possibility his greatness while playing is being forgotten should he flop as a coach. Although that analogy isn’t being used by Totti in his statement, but that could also be something that the Roma captain thinks about in deciding not to be a tactician in the future.

The captain himself reportedly still has a pretty long “career” in Roma as after he finished his role as a player, the capital club will be placing him as one of the clubs’ directors. Having been a loyal servant to the club that he played with from primavera level, surely what the Giallorossi gives him is a very common thing even in today’s marketing football era.

Creative Commons License photo credit: prettyfriendship