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No Behrami Deal For Roma

BehramiAs Roma’s wish to reinforce their defense in January by adding Valon Behrami into the squad faces a big hurdle after UniCredit, the bank that currently controls the club’s finance, have rejected the idea.

Reports from Italy suggested that reason for the rejection is because the bank wanted Roma to focus in lowering their wages bill instead of adding more new players on their ranks.

The bank’s decision seems to be on the same wavelength with several die hard Roma’s ultras fans who reportedly have made a public protest rejecting Behrami’s arrival simply because of the full back’s previous past as a Lazio player. With UniCredit’s refusal, it looks like the Ultras will pretty much had their wishes although that’s probably not what the club’s management and also their coach, Claudio Ranieri, might not agree with.

Taking away his past with Lazio, Behrami could actually be an addition that the club’s needed at the moment as his character and quality could provide more than depth for the Giallorossi’s right side, that is usually being occupied by Marco Cassetti or Nicolas Burdisso. Another advantage of the current West Ham player is his ability to play further forward in the midfield, which can surely provide an interesting option for Ranieri should the club is being hit with injury problems.

However, UniCredit’s decision is surely something that is being considered based of Roma’s current financial situation as the capital club are still economically unhealthy as they haven’t been able to find a new buyer. Despite still being run by their owner, Rosella Sensi, still the president can’t make any transfer moves without having a green light from the bank, because the female patron has already sold the club to UniCredit so the debts can be cleared out.

photo credit: Deadario