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No Audi Glory For Rossoneri

Camiseta conmemorativa del MilánAfter picking up a successful win in their first pre-season game few days ago against an amateur side, Ac Milan hit trouble on their second  warm up contest as just it was predicted, the Rossoneri didn’t have the best of time fighting a fit an eager Bayern Munich side.

Although being dominated for almost the entire 90 minutes in the regular two yearly Audi Cup tourney, Milan did considerably well as they held the Bavarian for a 1-1 draw before losing out from the penalty shoot out.

The physical fitness between the two sides are pretty much eminent as Bayern looked way sharper in movement and their passing, while Milan can only sit back especially after the first 10 minutes, where the away team surprised the home crowd with a quick goal from Zlatan Ibrahimovic. However, the Rossoneri just can’t keep up with the fitness level of the Bavarian players, who are already set and ready to compete in the league as the German side equalize  midway in the first half through Toni Kroos.

Ending the first half with a 1-1 draw, several changes were made by the Rossoneri, as they’re thinking that the game is a chance to try out every players, while Bayern seems more eager in getting the victory. With several changes in the second period, the home team’s dominance was not as vivid as the first half, especially since the Bavarian subbed off Arjen Robben, who has been terrorizing the Italian’s defense especially the left sided ones.

With no one successfully scoring additional goals, the match finally goes to penalties, following the outcome of the first game in the tournament between FC Barcelona and SC International. In the shoot-out, the Bavarian eagerness that was seen since the kick off got their award after Alberto Paloschi sent his kick high in the air, while all the Germans successfully netted theirs.

Although the performance looked a bit disappointing, Milan actually did okay considering the fitness condition that their opponents are on. The try out game in the tournament can be a good test to improve the physical condition of the Rossoneri players so they can match Inter Milan as both clubs set to face each others in the Italian Super Cup on August 6 in China.


Bayern Munich 1-1 Milan
Kroos 34 (Bayern);Ibrahimovic 4 (Milan)
Penalties: Alaba (B, goal), Robinho (M, goal), Gomez (B, goal), Oddo (M, goal), Muller (B, goal), Thiago Silva (M, goal), Kroos (B, goal), Paloschi (M, missed), Schweinsteiger (B, goal)

Bayern Munich: Neuer; Rafinha (J Boateng 71), Van Buyten, Badstuber, Lahm; Schweinsteiger, Tymoshchuk (Alaba 63); Robben (Gustavo 63), Mueller, Kroos; Gomez

Milan: Abbiati; Abate (Antonini 62), Nesta (Thiago Silva 62), Bonera, Taiwo (Oddo 85); Gattuso (Ambrosini 46), Van Bommel, Emanuelson (Pato 88); K Boateng (Valoti 62); Ibrahimovic (Paloschi 46), Cassano (Robinho 62)


Creative Commons License photo credit: americanistadechiapas