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Neymar Interested In Playing With Messi Not Against Him

If Messi stopped playing today, he would probably be considered one of Barcelona’s all time best players. The Argentine wizard scored a hat-trick on Tuesday to take his official tally for the club to an amazing 233 one ahead of  club legend Cesar Rodriguez.

Fortunately, that is not about to happen any time soon. At only 24, Messi is not only on course to be considered a Barcelona great, but one of the world’s finest players. Of course, for one reason or another, not many would agree with this statement, however, the fact of the matter is, you cannot argue with the facts.

Many believe Brazilian star Neymar could give Messi a run for his money. Personally, i do think he has the potential to give Messi many sleepless nights, however, the teen prodigy seems to be taking an entirely different approach to the whole saga.

Contrary to the Neymar v Messi scenario everyone seems to want, the Santos star is actually considering playing alongside the Argentine forward if reports emerging from Brazil are anything to be believed.

Neymar has often praised Messi for his accomplishments and on a few occasions hinted at the possibility of playing alongside him a dream that could come true after front runners Madrid scuppered their opportunity to sign the youngster.

It is believed that Neymar is not on good terms with Madrid president Florentino Perez due to his ‘arrogant attitude’. Neymar who should have signed for Madrid last summer was apparently put off by Perez’s hastily arranged conference call and remarks he made there after signalling that he would not be guaranteed a place in the first team which he described as the best in the world.

It is this actions that made Neymar put pen to paper and sign a new deal with Santos that would keep him in Brazil until 2014. Immediately after this break down, Barcelona president Sandro Rosell flew to Brazil and talked with Neymar assuring him that Barca would be a perfect fit for him. In fact, Rosell went as far as saying that the club was willing to wait for him until 2013 something that impressed Santos.

However, despite all this, Neymar’s long term future is still uncertain and only time will tell where he ends up.

photo credit © Rafael Neddermeyer