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Next England captain?

John Terry has been England captain three times. He has been stripped of the captaincy three times.  Rio Ferdinand has been England captain once. He does not want the England captaincy again. Steven Gerrard has been overlooked for the England captaincy several times. He is no longer a guaranteed starter in the side. Scott Parker was not an England fixture until a couple of seasons ago, often considered good but not quite good enough for the squad, let alone the team, and now he is an England captain contender. It’s all a bit of a joke.

Nobody knows who the next England captain will be. At least nobody who has the authority to make such a decision has gone public with an opinion, as of yet. It is up in the air. John Terry is no longer England captain. Stripped of the role because of his involvement in the racism scandal with Anton Ferdinand, John Terry has yet to have his hearing and must therefore be presumed innocent until proven guilty. With the England football team, however, jurisprudence is not the most important of matters. Especially not when it comes to racism and setting an example, or making a point, to FIFA. The English FA might well have dodged a bullet by removing John Terry from the position early, should he be found guilty of racist abuse. If the player is found innocent of the charge the English FA will end up with egg on their face, not for the first time. The football authorities had good intentions, surely, but they have gone about the matter in an entirely unconvincing and rash manner. Just when delicacy and diplomacy was required the English FA chose autocratic action.

Other candidates, besides Steven Gerrard of Liverpool and Scott Parker of Tottenham Hotspur, include Joe Hart of Manchester City and Gareth Barry of the same club. Joe Hart is set to be Englands number one goalkeeper for the next decade, so, why not make him the captain now and guarantee stability for a long time to come? The obvious response is that he is too young and inexperienced. The claim is somewhat true. After all the young goalkeeper has relatively little experience and only one trophy to show for his efforts, the FA Cup of 2011. Nevertheless, goalkeepers have become captains at a young age before and gone on to prosper. One need only look at current European and World Cup champions Spain and see Iker Casilas. Gareth Barry, if chosen, is likely to be a short term option.

Who will be the next England captain?