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New York Red Bulls Advance To MLS Playoffs

The New York Red Bulls have achieved one of their biggest goals this season of sealing a spot in the MLS playoffs. The ambitious club that finished in dead last place just a year ago has achieved the “impossible” according to their first year coach Hans Backe.  Backe was quick to praise his successful side in his debut season as manager: 

 It’s phenomenal. Normally, we don’t see any team in the world double its points from one year to the next. It’s just impossible.

It is quite true that the Red Bulls have elevated their game rather quickly, but considering the transfer market they enjoyed this year I certainly would not say that I am shocked that they achieved this or that they pulled off an “impossible” run. I mean going from abysmal to good in one year is very impressive and Backe does deserve a lot of credit for the transformation, but this is the same side that recently signed two of the biggest names not only in the MLS, but in the entire world. Thierry Henry and Rafael Marquez instantly made the Red Bulls payroll among the highest in league history and the rumors of landing David Trezeguet sometime next season would only continue to make them a postseason favorite down the road.

But perhaps the greatest investment made by the New York Red Bulls is that new $200 million dollar stadium. Sure the construction plans seemed a bit illogical during the tough economic time the stadium was constructed and sure building such a state of the art soccer facility for a floundering franchise was a great risk in itself, but New York may be geared for a very successful decade long MLS run with the tremendous talent recently joining the club this season and the potential signings of many future European stars down the road.

And the dynasty can begin this season for the Red Bulls with a brilliant postseason run.