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New England’s in and now we have some Playoffs

Ok. I was wrong.  Columbus shut it down.  They let New England into the Playoffs.  I get it.  I’m a dummy.  Now I know.

Here’s the thing.  Columbus backs into the Playoffs and L.A. wins the West on Saturday.  L.A. didn’t need that West crown THAT bad, you know, but they went out and won it anyways.

Columbus, I thought, would step up and fight with a team that was fighting for its life.  They didn’t.  So, what’s the tale of tape? 

Is Columbus a clutch, playoff team, or are they the Atlanta Braves of the MLS?

You have to wonder now.  They were out in front all season and now they are backpedaling into the playoffs while L.A. is sprinting into the Playoffs.

I think this makes L.A. my favorite for the MLS Cup today.  I might change my mind in 5 minutes, but right now, it’s the Galaxy. 

My Dark Horse…

is Salt Lake.  I’ve been riding them for a minute hoping they would push themselves into the Playoffs and they did.  No, I think they can sustain their momentum and make a strong Playoff push.  Of course, if Salt Lake runs into L.A. my “ocean water boys” will be sunk.  L.A. isn’t the Bismarck or the Titanic.  No, L.A. is the submarine that sinks them.

I can’t be sure how the whole of the Playoffs will go this season, but I am sure of one thing…expect fireworks all over the place, some upsets, and L.A. in the Cup Final…