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Nesta Plans One More Season With Milan

55674_alessandro_nestaHaving been rumored to be leaving his club by the end of the season, Ac Milan’s legendary center back, Alessandro Nesta, squashed all of the previous rumors by stating his intention to extend his contract and play for another year at San Siro.

Speaking in an interview with Corriero Delo Sport, Nesta revealed that he has no intention of leaving the Rossoneri next season and would love to extend his expiring contract for at least another year.

Despite conforming his wish to continue playing mainly with Milan for at least another season, Nesta still plays down everything by stating that everything will depend on his physicall condition at the end of the season. The center back admitted that he is in fine shape this season but considering his past problems with chronic injury, the former Lazio captain confirmed that he won’t dream of being able to play as long as the Rossoneri’s legend, Paolo Maldini, who played until the age of 41.

“We’ll see how I feel in March and then decide what to do.” I want to carry on playing, for at least another year, but it just doesn’t depend on what I want,” Nesta stated. “I need to see what the club’s intentions are, but I want to stay, I want to continue my playing career.”

Although Nesta has been looking tired in some games this season, the veteran defender still posseses lots of quality in defending especially when he is being fully rested or partnered by his current sidekick, Thiago Silva. The two center backs partnership have already been the key force in the Rossoneri’s defense since last season, this term the two keeps their understand improved and looked extremely solid in most of Milan’s game.

With Nesta’s latest statement, Milan’s management could probably take a litle breathing as they still have time to look for a suitable replacement for the veteran and integrated the player in the squad until the 34-years-old decided to end his advanture with the Rossoneri. The veteran center back was previously being predicted to leave San Siro at the end of the season as his current contract with the Italian giant will end in 2011.

photo credit: admirimc