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Napoli Losing Inler’s Deal?

Losing out on an almost done deal transfer for Domenico Criscito earlier this month, Napoli reportedly could be facing the same outcome on their bid to sign Udinese’s star midfielder, Gokhan Inler as the Partenopei still haven’t failed to reach an agreement with the player.

According to the Bianconeri’s president, Giampaolo Pozzo, at the moment there’s a much more bigger chance for Inler to stay at Udine instead of flying to Naples as the negotiation for personal details is having a dead lock.

Pozzo even claimed that if there’s no improvement over the situation, than Inler’s chance of staying at Udinese is rising up to 95%, leaving the small percentage of the player going to Naples. The president also stated that the current issues is purely between the player’s demand and what Napoli can offer, as both clubs have actually agreed on the transfer fee for the Swiss international.

“Seeing how the situation is at the moment, I would say that there is a 95 per cent chance that Inler will stay at Udinese. The problem isn’t with us as we reached an agreement some time ago with Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis,” Pozzo revealed. If he stays with us then I wouldn’t be disappointed as he has a fundamental role in the team’s play.

Moreover, Udinese’s patron also revealed that they have actually close down other offers that arrives for Inler during his current negotiation with Napoli, due to respecting the agreement that have been made between both clubs. However, looking at how the Bianconeri likes to deal, there’s always a chance they might accept other offers should the deal between Inler and the Partenopei does collapse, especially since last season’s fourth place team are always looking to cash in on their stars.

As for Napoli, should they failed to land Inler, it would definitely be another major failure on what looks like an almost finish transfer just like the Criscito saga, who pretty much ended bitterly as the defender was snapped by Zenit St Petersburg despite the Naples’ outfit intense contact. Partenopei’s wages structure and ambitions to dig deep in the transfer market this summer, seems to be one of the main reason the club can’t seem to make a huge offer for their targets, because they need room on their wages structure for other potential players.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Tanzen80