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Napoli Holding Hamsik For 100 Million Price Tag

Napoli’s owner, Aurelio De Laurentis seems determined to keep his promise in making his team much more competitive next summer as aside from bringing quality new singings, the patron is very serious in keeping his star players especially Marek Hamsik.

The Slovakian international, who is strongly linked with a move to Milan, is now being tagged around 100 million Euro, an astronomical number which is unreal indeed and pretty much showing the president’s strong wish in keeping Hamsik.

Reports have been constantly emerging about Hamsik’s possibility in landing at San Siro this summer even after the constant denial from De Laurentis and also Milan’s management, who isn’t planning to spend crazy budget for the Slovak. However, it seems that the Napoli’s patron is eager to shut down the rumors by stating his latest valuation over the ex-Brescia youngster, which surely makes many directors scratching their heads.

“I want €100m. The indecent proposal would have to be of €100m, otherwise he will be staying here, “ De Laurentis said

Although there’s still a possibility that Hamsik might ends up at Milan this summer, De Laurentis is obviously won’t be forced to release the player easily and should the sale somehow happened, the patron would try to make sure he received massive fee. This situation pretty much makes the potential of seeing the Slovakian moving away from San Paolo is very small indeed as the player will just cost too much since his contract is still very much intact.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Tanzen80