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My Not So World Cup All Star Team

lucky, I saw this before I slipped on it ;-)Yesterday I featured the 16 players that were All Star worthy. Today I will highlight 16 All Star caliber players that didn’t live up to their billing this summer.

Goalie: Robert Green: England

Enough has been said about Butterfingers Green and the infamous fumble against the USA. But it is only fair to select the English keeper for the not All Star team and the poor guy will go down in history as the guy that likely cost England a shot at winning the Cup due to a much tougher draw. Well him and that ref that missed the Lampard goal against Germany of course.

Left Back: Patrice Evra: France

Evra joins Green in the ranks of World Cup Hall of Shame, but his lasting memory will be for his behavior off of the pitch rather then on. Evra was supposed to be the leader of the French squad and the voice of the team. He certainly proved that his French side was a disgrace to the sport and Evra was the one screaming at assistant coaches that were trying to convince the captain to practice.

Right Back: Eric Abidal: France

The whole French teamcould be honored or dishonored for the not All Star team, but Abidal deserves a starting bid just for his performance against Mexico alone. Not only was the defender toasted for a goal early, but then he attempted to make up for the mistake by making a rough tackle in the box. Two goals down Abidal was one of the several scapegoats for the critical second match loss.

Center Back: John Terry: England

Judge me on the pitch Terry demanded last fall when the media was picking the guy apart. Fair enough, Mr. Terry. The former captain was slow and obviously could not keep up with the German attack which torched the Chelsea man. The worst moment of the Cup for the Three Lions was that Klose goal when the keeper goal kicked the ball over the defenders head and burned the defense for the easy score. Terry’s press conference was not only foolish, it might cost him his international career.

Right Winger: Franck Ribery/Yoann Gourcuff: France

With these two midfield wingers on the pitch France was supposed to create goals, but neither star could get anything going. Gourcuff played so terrible in the first match that he was benched for the second and the missile launcher certainly didn’t understand the concept of passing. Ribery wasn’t much better and I think it is easy to say that the prostitution allegations really put a negative spin on the Cup for the French well before it began.

Left Winger: Ronaldo: Portugal 

Ronaldo is the most overrated international player in the world of recent memory and the Real Madrid man has all the talent in the world, but doesn’t seem to fit in the Portugal offense. Ronaldo has only scored one goal in over the last year and that was an unimportant one in the routing of North Korea. But Ronaldo’s biggest fault was his penalties. Apparently the guy thinks you have to shoot even from over forty yards out. And the fact he called his coach out following the match was not the classiest act.

Center Midfielder: Sani Kaita: Nigeria

Kaita performed the dumbest act of any footballer this summer when he Chuck Norris style kung fu kicked a Greek player for apparently no reason. The decision was not only a stupid one it put his nation through a lot of drama following the Cup. The second match loss put Nigeria in dire straights and the team could not resurface due to the sending off of Kaita. 

Center Midfielder: Felipe Melo: Brazil


Melo was the goat of the tournament for Brazil and not only was the defensive minded midfielder responsible for the first goal given up to the Dutch in the quarterfinals, but the sending off of Melo for a ridiculous stomp on Arjen Robben was the final nail in the coffin for the five time champs. Melo performed the act right in front of a ref and he struck the opposing team’s most touchy player. Tough times for this guy.

Forward: Wayne Rooney: England

Rooney must have stolen Harry Potters invisibility cloak because the Englishman didn’t do anything of significance this summer in Africa. The forward looked sluggish and not of form fo0r the Three Lions and perhaps he was worn out from the lengthy EPL season or perhaps the England national team just wasn’t playing well together. whatever the reason Rooney stunk and his tirade towards the fans for booing him was hilarious because he deserved to have rotten vegetables flung in his general direction following that Algeria match.

Forward: Nicolas Anelka: France

Anelka might deserve the award for biggest joke of the FIFA World Cup and the French burner’s alter ego The Incredible Sulk reared it’s ugly head this summer in the French locker room. Anelka’s reaction after the fact was basically not one of remorse and the Chelsea man said it was bound to happen even if he wasn’t the one to do it. But he was and, thus, he is a jackass.

Forward: Fernando Torres: Spain

Torres might have been on the title winning team, but the guy personally didn’t play like a champion. Much like Rooney it can be blamed on the fitness aspect or the lengthy EPL season, but the Liverpool man can’t blame it on a lack of minutes. Perhaps it was the lack of the golden locks this summer? Many in Spain think so.

Four Key Reserves:

Gianluigi Buffon: Italy

Thierry Henry: France

Kaka: Brazil

Alberto Gilardino: Italy