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Mutu’s Newest Dilemma

Fiorentina suspended forward Adrian Mutu might be the dumbest athlete in the entire world. I know it is a very challenging title to indisputably hold, but the former Chelsea man is certainly giving the dishonorable award his best effort with his most recent late night antics in which he brutally beat up a Florence bartender when the man gave the star his bill for the evening.

Mutu is currently suspended for failing a drug test last year. The Romanian footballer tested positive for using a banned dietary supplemant causing many of his Serie A friends to scratch their head wondering why the lean Fiorentina man felt the need to use an illegal dietary supplement in the first place. It was of course the second failed test by Mutu over the years. The first came with Chelsea when the forward tested positive for cocaine in the early 2000’s. Chelsea recently won a hearing acknowledging that Mutu needs to pay back the debt to the club.

That debt is roughly around $20 million dollars total and the forward has admitted that he no longer has the cash to spend on such a hefty fine. So a great deal of the player’s contract with Fiorentina is directly handed over to Chelsea and the player has admitted that he will likely be forced to play much longer then he initially intended in order to properly reach the court administered agreement.

So failing a second test last year meant that Mutu would go another year without earning an income to put towards that steep debt. Now it is being reported that Mutu is in even deeper legal trouble then ever before with the revelation that the footballer brutally beatup a bar owner last evening in Florence. Mutu was expected to join his team from the suspension in just over a week’s time, but now that the forward has been accussed of allegedly breaking the nose and kicking the chest and ribs of a bartender he likely could miss much more time due to currently being suspended.

Mutu apparently argued with the bartender over the bill he received around 3:30 AM and then allegedly began striking the man in the face and then severly kicking him once he fell to the ground. This Tony Soprano type of behavior will not be tolerated by the club or the league and Mutu could likely end up losing out on a lot more money then one night out on the town. 

Fiorentina’s major shareholder Andrea Della Valle spoke to Sky Sports Italia about his disappointment in Mutu and expressed how his relegation-bound club is expecting to take “serious measures” regarding the alleged crime in the next few days.:

It is something very serious and not something we needed right now. We shall await developments from the magistrates court and then we will take serious measures in the next few days. We know a lot, but not all of it. We will assess things calmly. It is not the first time something like this has happened with Mutu, but it is the most serious.