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Mutu’s Apology

Adrian Mutu has been forced to apologize to his club and fans after he beat up a waiter while partying early on Saturday morning. Mutu who is set to return to competitive action on Friday after serving out his 9 month doping ban issued a statement to expressing his deepest and most sincere apologizes.

Now, Mutu is one player who has had his own share of self created problems and what a bad way for him to mark his return to action than with another senseless act that could prolong his lay off.

“I want to offer my deepest and most sincere apologies to the club, the technical team, my team-mates and the fans. I realise that what happened should never have taken place.

“I don’t forgive myself, particularly, to be involved in a fight that I should have avoided – more so considering that I was in the company of friends that had come all the way from Romania to celebrate the fact that their daughter the next day would be baptised in an Orthodox Church in Florence.

“It was my last free night before I returned to the squad after 10 months of hell and for that I truly regret it. The ban is finally over and I want to give everything for these colours, this club, that has always given me so much.”

Mutu has found a friend in Fiorentina coach Sinisa Mihajlovich. The Serb has always  publicly supported Mutu despite the Romanian’s actions and Mutu’s latest disaster was no exception.

“We are all with him,”

“I am a coach and for me, Mutu is a very important player. But I will accept the decision of the club.

“Certainly, we are sorry for the waiter that was involved in this incident. Perhaps we will invite him to see a Fiorentina game.”

An invite to watch the Viola is What the waiter has been offered for the broken nose he sustained. Surely Mutu should at least pay the medical bill.

Photo credit: from Alexander Zetlitz