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Mutu Gets One Year Ban

Is one year really enough? I mean how do you fail a doping test twice in ten days. Maybe he really is in the wrong profession. The Italian Olympic Committee has now asked that the Fiorentina forward be banned for a year.

One year however to me is just but a drop in the ocean. Its players like Mutu who give football a bad name. Mutu should be banned for life to send out a clear warning to others that drugs do not pay.

“The antidoping office has referred the Fiorentina player Adrian Mutu to the national anti doping tribunal of the CONI in relation to the violation of Article 2.1 of the WADA’s code following the presence of the substance Subitramine during controls in relation to Fiorentina-Bari and Fiorentina Lazio, consequently with the application of a one year ban according to Article 10.4 of the WADA.” This statement appeared on CONI’s official website.

I have to admit though that Mutu’s failed doping test is funny. Apparently Adrian Mutu failed two doping tests between the 10th and 20th of January this year. Now if that does not tickle your funny bone you definitely must not have a sense of humour.

That said, I appreciate and respect his talent. Its only a shame that Fiorentina will miss his services and possibly a champions league spot in these last games of the season.

Photo credit: Alexander Zetlitz