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Muamba Unlikely To Play Again

Fabrice Muamba’s playing days could be over this is according to Peter Weissberg a leading heart specialist and director at the renowned British Heart Foundation. Muamba is said to be making steady improvement in his health since suffering a cardiac arrest while playing for Bolton in a FA Cup match will join the likes of Ruben de la Red and Sergio Sanchez who were forced to take a break from their careers  after both were found to be having serious heart conditions.

Weissberg revealed this shocking news during while speaking to the Press Association.

“It is not possible to say but I think it is likely he would be advised not to play again because most conditions like this are a combination of physical activity and an underlying tendency to have a cardiac arrest. I’m impressed [with medical response] but you would expect that at a Premier League football ground,” Weissberg said.

This will definitely be a big blow to a young Muamba who had the rest of his career to look forward to however, on e i am sure will be in his best interest. The detection of his condition has indeed saved his life and opened up players to the thought of having regular screenings that could substantially cut down fatalities something players like Marc Vivian Foe, Antonio Puerta and Dani Jaque were not so fortunate to undergo in the careers.

“It will happen from time to time and the reason for that is, as doctors, we cannot yet predict with total accuracy those players who might have an underlying heart problem.

“I’m afraid the technology is not good enough yet to identify the really, really subtle heart conditions which just aren’t apparent until someone keels over. With people like Fabrice we can put in a defibrillator inside the body,”

“But I repeat, I think it is unlikely he would be advised to play football again even though he may be fit and healthy to do so.” Weissberg concluded.

photo credit © dailyfootballnews