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Mourinho's Ban Reduced

Jose Mourinho will have to miss his side’s upcoming match this Wednesday in the Champions League against Auxerre, but the Real Madrid manager will not have to worry about serving any further penalties for his role in the red card incident in Los Blancos last Champions League match.

Mourinho, who was accused of telling his players to commit deliberate penalites in order to sit out this week’s upcoming meaningless match, was originally suspended for one match and fined $160,000 by the UEFA. The board also claimed that if the coach was charged with any type of “improper conduct” within the next three years that the Special One would have to automatically sit out an extra match. But that part of the ruling was revoked and the fine in which the former Inter man would have to pay was lowered from $160,000 to $133,000 as well.

In my opinion Mourinho really got off the hook with this ruling and although the steep fine may seem unfair, what the coach was doing was really worth more then his absence from a meaningless game this upcoming week. In the end Mourinho essentially got the week off along with Alonso and Ramos. All three men should have been suspended for the next two match leg in the knockout round rather then having their yellow cards erased and Mourinho paying a fine that he can afford to pay.

I can see why Mourinho would tell his players to receive yellow cards and from a purely tactical perspective it was a smart thing to execute by the coach, but on the other hand Mourinho was caught deliberately breaking the rules of the game and his punishment is only slightly more severe then a player that was yellow card twice for hard tackles or slow play.

Mourinho will still miss this week’s Champions League match, but the coach was very lucky not to receive a stiffer punishment from the UEFA board.