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Mourinho will start Ronaldo against Osasuna

In a recent press conference, Jose Mourinho has announced that Cristiano Ronaldo will be starting in their next match against Osasuna. Although many people would have expected the Portuguese star to be listed out for this match, Mourinho has gone on to list him as one of the 9 players he stated will start.

With the line-up looking to be very solid ahead of their clash against Osasuna, Ronaldo must be thrilled to be able to get back on the pitch. Although Kaka may still be missing in action, adding a player like Ronaldo to the field can very well a huge factor in tomorrow’s game.

Here are 9 out of the 11 players that Mourinho went on to state will play against Osasuna:

Sergio Ramos
Xabi Alonso
Cristiano Ronaldo


What 2 players would I like to see in the line-up? Mesut Ozil and Di Maria.

Kaka is edging his way closer to a return and once the Brazilian does make his way back to the pitch, the possibilities of who Mourinho can start will vary tremendously. If Mourinho can start Ozil and Di Maria, I can definitely see him decided the real starting 11 that will play alongside Kaka when he returns.

Happy to hear that Ronaldo is back in action? Which other player would you rather start in the match against Osasuna? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.